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African Parks Rangers Run The London Marathon

On April 23, “Team African Parks” – comprised of a team of park rangers from across the continent successfully ran the London Marathon to raise awareness and support for the conservation NGO. 

Prince Harry has served as President of African Parks since 2017, and most recently visited several parks in August 2022. During those visits, he met with rangers in Mozambique, Rwanda and Zambia, and they welcomed U.S. public officials, conservationists, and philanthropists to learn best practices in protected area management. 

Park rangers are the heartbeat of every park, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the people and wildlife in and around the area. Each day, they deliver on African Parks’ mission to “take on direct responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of protected areas in partnership with governments and local communities.” The team of rangers selected to run the marathon underwent training in Akagera National Park in Rwanda.

Congratulations Team African Parks! To learn more about each ranger and to support the team:


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